This page guides Students and Employers regarding how to use the GradTask platform. For a visual of a sample GradTask, scroll to the bottom of this page.




1)  Find an organization whose area of focus matches yours


A Student creates a personal profile projecting his/her academic background and work interests.  Then the Student applies to work for organizations in his/her desired fields. The application process entails filtering through tasks within the "GradTask Postings" page, and then messaging employers who have posted tasks of interest.


2) Contribute to your field


The Student is selected by an Entity and collaborates directly with a manager to accomplish meaningful work.


3) Build real connections


Outstanding completion of a GradTask results in not only a new resume item, but also an improved network that includes a manager who might write you recommendations and vouch for you when applying to jobs.




1) Post tasks for which Student volunteers apply to perform


Entities list tasks with which they’d like help and select Students whose backgrounds and interests match the opportunity. Tasks are posted on the "GradTask Postings" page, and then Entities receive messages from interested Students.


2) Manage Student volunteers as they perform these tasks


Top-tier Students deliver work based on your guidance.


3) Accomplish more as an organization while making better-informed hiring decisions


With GradTask, organizations need never postpone a task due to lack of manpower. In addition, tasks often give an organization insight into a prospective hire’s caliber of work, enabling organizations to make hiring decisions based on first-hand work experience in addition to traditional interview and selection processes.



GradTask Template/Sample GradTask


Task Description: Produce a 5-pager summarizing the rate/tariff-based incentives for renewable energy development in northern European countries, namely Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.


Estimated Time: 30-40 hours.


Function/Type of Work: Qualitative literature review/landscape analysis; Production of a polished synthesis summarizing key themes from research.


Geographic Focus: Northern Europe (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway).


Desired Student's Background: Policy, law, or business school student with a background in and passion for clean energy; A background in German, Swedish, and/or other northern European languages is a plus.


Application Requirements: Message me if this assignment interests you.  Be prepared to send me your resume and a short cover letter explaining why you feel you are the right person to perform this GradTask.